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Employment Attorney

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With today’s shaky job market, it is easy to fall victim to workplace harassment, discrimination and other issues that you know need to be resolved. However, you become afraid to bite the hand that feeds you in order to try to gain fair treatment from your employer. The Law Offices of Brian McCaffrey understands that and is the employment attorney you can trust in the NYC, NY area. We can help you find your way out of the confusion and stress caused by having to ensure a hostile work environment.

Moving Forward to a Brighter Future

For over 30 years, we have been helping victims of many workplace legal matters get their issues resolved and find the resolution that best suits them and their bottom line. If you have a matter that requires an employment attorney, you are no exception! Let us guide you out of the dark and away from your workplace problems so that you can move forward with your life and career the way it was meant to be. We welcome your call to discuss your case in any of the following areas:

• Wage and Hour Disputes – If you are an hourly employee who has been forced to work over 40 hours per week and not been properly compensated for your time (time and a half pay for any hours over 40), then what your employer is doing is illegal. You are entitled to proper compensation for your hours and we will help you receive payment for your time worked!

• Discrimination – Discrimination over disability, race, sex or religion is illegal; unfortunately, it still occurs. If you are a victim of discrimination at your job or believe you have been denied work due to discrimination, our employment attorney can help you while protecting your job.

• Harassment – We can help you stop harassment on your job while protecting your job. If someone at work is preventing you from doing your job or making you uncomfortable with unwanted sexual advances, racist commentary or the like, call us to see how we can help.

• Wrongful Termination – If a job terminated you without proper notice or reason, we will work to get you the severance package that you need and deserve.

For all workplace and employment matters requiring the protection and guidance of an attorney, please call to speak with us as soon as possible. The longer you wait to resolve a matter, the more you can lose so don’t hesitate—call now to preserve your rights!