False Claims Act

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False Claims Act

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Also called the Lincoln Law, the False Claims Act focuses on federal contractors who operate in a way that attempts to defraud the government and governmental programs. The Law Offices of Brian McCaffrey serves the NYC, NY area by specializing in these types of cases where a whistleblower steps in to bring fraudulent government funds claims to light.

Why File a False Claims Act Suit?

Being deemed a whistleblower could cause some severe fallout for an individual who reports fraudulent acts against the government. At our firm, we are committed to protecting you against this fallout if you know something that needs reported. Filing and winning a case under the False Claims Act can mean substantial returns for the whistleblower who usually receives a percentage of the damages (typically 15%–30%) recovered by the government in such cases.

What Constitutes A False Claim?

Many organizations receive government funding in order to continue operations and promote growth. Some of these industries include:

• Military
• Health Care
• Pharmaceuticals
• Medicare/Medicaid
• Scientific Research
• Educational Institutions

In order to report and file a False Claims Act suit, you must be able to prove that an organization intentionally or unintentionally acted to defraud the government in order to receive funding. Medicare and Medicaid claims, as well as pharmaceutical companies top the list of those who have had to pay out billions of dollars since the law’s official enactment, and this means incredible payouts for whistleblowers.

We are ready to take on any False Claims Act suit that has a strong and provable case. If you know of any company or organization receiving monies from the government under incorrect or false claims for any reason, call our office immediately to discuss the matter and protecting yourself and your interests in the process. With over 30 years in practice in these matters, you are in safe hands with the Law Offices of Brian McCaffrey.